Claims Reporting

For claims, you can contact the company directly, at the numbers listed below. You can also reach out to our Claims Manager, Peter Starck, or report your claim online, through the McDermott Costa Online Portal.

McDermott-Costa Claims Advocacy Team

Our Claim advocacy department makes sure our clients are treated fairly by all of our insurance companies when they have a claim. They have combined experience of over 35 years working in claims and work on all Property/Casualty and Workers’ Compensation claims


  • They continuously advocate for clients, review coverage, assist in settlements and follow up with the client throughout the claims process.
  • Review loss runs regularly, obtain status reports, review reserves and monitor claims from start to finish.
  • Assist in conducting all claims meetings and work with our clients to minimize the value of the claims and ultimately close.
  • Make sure our clients are treated fairly by the insurance company and work as a liaison between the insurance carrier and client.
McDermott Costa Claims Liaison

Peter Starck
Claims Manager
510-351-7460 x 500


Claims: 866-272-9267
General Auto: 877-207-3119

California Fair Plan

Claims: 800-339-4099

CIG - Capital Insurance Group

Claims: 800-986-9974


Claims: 888-236-5584
Glass/Safelite: 888-392-9684

Hartford Insurance

Personal: 800-243-5860
Commercial: 800-327-3636
Glass: 800-892-8484
Roadside: 800-322.7789
AARP Members: 877-805-9918
LA&H: 800-678-6702

Hanover Insurance

Claims: 800-628-0250

Kemper Auto & Home

Claims: 800-252-2799

Liberty Mutual

Commercial: 800-362-0000
Roadside: 800-426-9898
Golden Eagle: 619-744-6100

Mercury Insurance

Claims: 800-503-3724
Roadside: 800-519-6478

Markel Insurance Company

Claims: 800-362-7535
Roadside: 800-236-2453

Nationwide Insurance

Claims: 800-421-3535
Roadside: 800-282-1446

National General

Claims: 800-468-3466

Philadelphia Insurance

Claims: 800-765-9749

Progressive Insurance

Claims: 800-776-4737

Safeco Insurance

Claims: 800-332-3226
Glass: 800-862-6777
Roadside: 762-3101


Claims: 800-252-4633
Personal: 800-238-6225

UCA General Insurance

Claims: 800-222-5582

United Fire Casualty Group (UFG)

Claims: 800-343-9131


Claims: 888-875-5231